SR 240SX = FUN

By Amanda, Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The other day I took a big scary risk and drove my PrettyS13 hatch down to hang out at my Mom’s. I miss how fun it is to drive this car… I can actually keep up with other people and cut them off. I also feel like I relieve some stress when I drive this car.. even if I am paranoid as hell looking for cops. Luckily, I just paid for the registration, got the car smogged and just transferred the title under my name. So now I have an S14 and S13 under my name. Yay!

Btw, here’s a picture of the hatch at Shell while I was getting gas… then outside of the Lawndale City Hall. The Lawndale City Hall and Library looks so nice.. I want to have a real photoshoot there one day.

Oh, thanks to Ray for replacing my rear bushings. Can’t wait to put on my window visors.