Media Coverage

These are some really throwback media photos and videos. As you can see, I’ve been in the car industry for a while just haven’t been super active. I still have my white S13 drift hatch and planning to get back into drifting.

Media Photos


Video Clips

Amanda Run
Coupie 3
Drift Show Off
ESPN 2’s Import Racers : Part 1 | Part 2

Media Exposure

San Diego Union Tribune (February 2004)
Brake Dancing, cover story (Interview)

Import Racer (April 2004)
Drifting Pretty: America’s First All-Girl Drifting Crew,
page 46-50 (Interview)

LA Weekly (May 2004)
Nadine Toyoda & her girl racers, cover story (Interview)

Vietnamese American Exposure TV (July 2004)
Girls Driftin’ (Interview)

CMT/MTV Street Racing Documentary (August 2004)
Segment on Drifting (Interview)

San Gabriel Valley Newspaper (September 2004)
Drifting Pretty, page. 10-14 (February 2005)
Featured Driver Profile

Import Racer (March 2005)
News Release for Drifting Pretty (Mentioned Unreleased)

The Downtown Gazette (April 2005)
Women Drifters Take Their Turns Behind Wheel

Speed Channel-Street Tuner Challenge (July 2005)
Segment on drifting and racing

ESPN2 Segment (October 2005)
“Import Racers” episode

Drift Tengoku Magazine (December 2005)
Event Coverage for the “Dori Puri Challenge”

Dress Up Car Magazine (December 2005)
USA Dori Gals

Import Tuner Magazine (August 2006)
“A Drift Car for the Ladies”

Readline TV (August 2006)
Interview at Hot Import Nights Las Vegas Drift Demo

Modify Magazine (September 2006)
“Sweet Driver” Feature & cover of magazine

Media Featured Scans

Import Tuner magazine, “Pretty S13: A drift car for the ladies” feature, August 2006

Modify magazine cover & feature , October 2006

Dress Up car Magazine Feature, December 2005