Me and the dogsAbout Me

Hi, my name is Amanda “Panda” Lam.

Let me begin by telling you a little about myself. My adventure all started when I moved to Los Angeles from Alameda with my Mom when I was 5 years old. My mom wanted to be closer to her family, but my Dad refused to come. So, my mom ended up raising me by herself working 7 days a week just to keep food on the table & a roof over my head. It is because of my Mom’s sacrifices that I am the person I am now. Therefore, you’ll always see me spoiling her to the extend my budget can afford to do so. Poor thing was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease when I was barely graduating High school so she lives with me.

My hobbies include drifting, doing car related activities, crafting, photography, cooking, shooting guns, gardening, shopping, sleeping, traveling & trying anything new that is fun. In addition, collecting HELLO KITTY and designer clothes/bags but I am not your typical girl!