K1 Speed

By Amanda, Tuesday, February 16, 2010

It’s been over a year since Ray & I have been go karting. So,yesterday we went go karting w/the boys. It was our first time at K1 Speed! In addition, we got a pretty sweet weekday deal, $40 for 3 sessions. Only bad part was we had to wait, some of the karts were faster than the others & their were slow ass people in our run group that kept spinning out. Ruben & Will kept doing good getting first place & really fast times. Scott got good times too, I think it’s B/C he goes to GMR. However, when I was lucky enough to get the fast kart I got a 53.94 & got on the time of the week. Poor Ray though he kept getting karts with wobbly seats that were slow & everyone kept bumping into him. Nevertheless, I had a fun time & will have to go again when they are slow & send us some coupons!