SEMA 2013 Swag!!!!

By Amanda, Wednesday, November 27, 2013

So stoked I got even more tote bags! Yup, I am a tote bag hoarder, but I shared with my co-workers so does that mean I am less of a hoarder.
Anyways, really enjoyed some of the cool swag I got from Falken & Coker tires. I wish a lot of companies would follow Coker Tire’s footsteps in their swag. It’s pretty neat!
 photo e77a8c8d-dc7f-4526-aeb4-c790543df487_zps5190c142.jpg
 photo a1e0e36a-a9fb-4ae8-8ff9-a7f0fa745e4a_zpsba7a3675.jpg
 photo ed2d4afa-798b-49d9-a411-fea9af01c689_zpsa993f790.jpg
 photo 4996621c-d41b-4664-9b0c-c59f1435f57f_zpsecba950c.jpg
 photo e38d2e52-a0e7-460a-bcb9-131ffad711bd_zpsbae61856.jpg
 photo 3a93e070-d6d9-431a-b2fe-a56570dde67a_zps61081dfa.jpg
 photo 21d38a26-4af3-4adb-a850-4775aed31b4a_zps17435c38.jpg
 photo ab413725-f289-4b62-aa27-7acbd076bdee_zps237bb568.jpg
 photo 18976a1b-9668-4f8f-8f38-282da5b8abb4_zpsd6964e81.jpg
 photo a1124d46-6333-4b3e-9b18-57c6d93904bb_zpsfdadeb94.jpg