KONA Brewing Company Hawaiian Beers

By Amanda, Monday, February 10, 2014

While I was shipping at Smart & Final, I saw this Kona Brewing Company hawaiian beers. The package appealed to me, obviously marketing of the product has been accomplished so I bought this. The beer is actually pretty good for 4% alcohol. I highly recommend this beer!!! 🙂
 photo 788f7db0-73ae-4a79-be9f-026bdad16158_zps8fd674c3.jpg
 photo 4f64511b-8749-4a4f-819a-22417c0beccc_zps78ea867e.jpg
 photo e19e1725-b6fa-4716-96f7-2c24fd61274a_zps9a258f04.jpg
 photo d8d6a450-0bce-4b65-879a-7edee2e39c6a_zps9c274b38.jpg
 photo 8fadc079-13ea-42bb-8d22-a0f472af7b1e_zpsb9fb325a.jpg
 photo 71e60e1c-22b4-494e-8320-c36039968441_zps9f221141.jpg