Mini Garden Reshuffling

By Amanda, Monday, September 14, 2020

My Mother, a.k.a. Chinese Peasant Mama Jenner Lam was complaining that the white planters (pictured below) were in a hard to access corner. To shut her up by spent 2-3 hours to move the planters, plants and things around to make her happy. I hope she likes it. I put a lot of love, thought and sweat under the hot sun to make it look presentable. I think I did a decent job…

Believe it or not. I still feel like I am not growing enough essentials fruits and vegetables. I need to do more research on what is best to grow in the winter, to be safe and to ensure we have homegrown staples to eat. First, I am going to solicit friends and neighbors for seeds or clippings before I start buying. This is my effort to be more economical and budget conscious.

I like how I organized this section. I got rid of a lot of dead plants and now have space to grow more items.