Giving the gift of life

By Amanda, Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Have you given something selfless recently? Well, I decided too. My goal was to give plasma once monthly, however, covid scared me into staying put at home. I figured it’s Christmas and it’s the time for giving the gift of life. With that being said, I scheduled an appointment to give plasma.


The plasma donation ended up in a platelet donation as well, not sure how red cross’s system double booked two plasma appointments at the same time. They even scared me saying it may be a double needle procedure. I was way too nice and accommodated, spent an extra hour plus there. Never being this nice again. Worst part was the nurse didn’t put the 💉 all the way in my vein so it swelled up and they had to stick the needle in deeper. Talk about traumatizing and discouraging me from donating again. No good deed goes unpunished.