My BMW Helena was hurt

By Amanda, Tuesday, April 6, 2021

So, after getting my transmission replaced at South Bay BMW less than a month ago my drive shaft falls off from the mount in my transmission on the 405 freeway. What the flying bleep? I was just driving southbound then heard a very loud noise under my car. I immediately exited the freeway to safely pull over the shoulder however my car wouldn’t drive anymore. I looked under my car and it looked so scary. I am grateful no one got hurt but I think Daisy was very scared. Poor baby.

I barely even drive my car on the weekdays unless it’s to run errands and this happens. I am so mad, sad, disappointed and livid. Based on all the photos and videos I posted, the feedback I got back was that the tech did not bolt up my driveshaft bolts properly or did not replace all of the required parts.

This happened before Good Friday too and still loaner cars or news. My service tech did say he’s out until today, Tuesday. I am trying to be patient and understanding, however I could have been seriously hurt or in a terrible accident.. all because someone forgot a simple step? Woosah, patience right? Everything will work out and hopefully my car isn’t totally damaged and I won’t have to pay anything out of pocket? After all my extended warranty paid South Bay BMW $16,500 to replace the transmission and fix my valve cover gasket leak, you would think my car would be driving AMAZING! Nope!

Now I have no car whatsoever. No loaner, no s13. So depressing! Both cars are in the shop. Is it a sign to buy a new car, non BMW or was this just very bad luck? Send halp!