Time to sell the bmw

By Amanda, Monday, September 26, 2022

I named my BMW Activehybrid 3 “Helena”, it’s a European name accordingly to Google. I have so many good and bad memories in this car. It was the first car I financed and paid off all by myself, adulting girl moves right? I wish I was smarter when I bought this year and instead of getting a BMW I got a Honda/Toyota. Back then I got bit by the BMW bug hence why I was so adamant about getting a BMW.

Unfortunately reality has kicked in along with inflation that keeping a BMW is not practical. Luckily I bought extra drivetrain warranty to deal with all these issues on a car I drive once in a blue moon. 🌚 Once I take the car into BMW for the 3rd time this year to get fixed, I am going to sell it. Over it.

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