Hello Kitty 3 Apples Day

By Amanda, Sunday, November 8, 2009

Today I went to the Hello Kitty 3 Apples event held at Royal T in Culver City. This was my third attempt to go… it seems that every time I go it is really busy. Luckily, this was my last time going. It’s kinda ridiculous to wait so long but I guess if you are a huge Hello Kitty fanatic it’s okay then. We went there put on names on the list for lunch, went to see the art, waited, finally sat down after an hour wait, waited half an hour for the  food to arrive, ate for another half an hour, went to wait in line for the store for another forty-five minutes. So, in total we waited about four hours give or take driving time and my unaccurate estimates. I totally loved the art in the store and the cute delicious food. I just hated the wait and how they set-up the store.. hello kitty junkies like me could have done without the wait. Oh and thanks to Pearl, Simon and Chris for chauffauering me around. 😛