STOLEN Nardi Classic 330mm

By Amanda, Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let me start off by saying I hate driving Ray’s car. Don’t get me wrong I love the ka coupe… it’s so fun to drive but everytime I drive Ray’s car something happens. Last time, I was driving the car at night and somehow something magically appeared and there goes the passenger side kouki sideskirt. Then, today at Cal State Long Beach someone stole the Nardi Classic 330mm steering wheel right out of the car. I feel like it is my fault, I only left to class for less than 2 hours. I was in a rush to class and forgot to take it.. luckily I took the kill switch with me to class. The douche bag thief did not take the kenwood head unit that I left in the car just the steering wheel.

I guess the news was right.. bad times calls for more thieves.. and the prices for Nardi’s went up. I think our cost is like $240 for wholesale vendors. So, whomever stole our steering wheel shame on you douche and karma will come around. FYI, anyone see a steering wheel happen to so call be for sale up within the next week let me know. I am just pissed.. thought CSULB parking lots were safe.. I guess not. For sure, I am gonna be carrying my radio, steering wheel, locking my car and taking my valuables. WTF happened to CSULB police patrolling the parking lots.. I only see parking enforcement. BTW, CSULB won’t do shit either.. filing a lame report. BS!

Here’s the craziest part. I waited for Ash to come help me for over 40 minutes because he was still at work. Trinh, Ash and Ray told me not to drive the car. However, I was really bore, impatient and pissed.. I have finals and papers due so I had to get home. So… I drove the car from Cal State Long Beach to El Monte, CA. I even stopped at NRG to pick up another short quick release hub. My hands are a little sore and I have one blister but yeah now I have strong hands. hehe. I basically used the other half of the Megan hub to help me steer the car.. it was just hard to make turns but I managed.

Thanks Mike from NRG for waiting for me! Sorry Rayboo from West Covina Nissan! Thanks Ash from Mazdatrix. Thanks to my cousin Trinh for keeping me sane. Thanks to Yoshie for helping me out also. And… you freaken theif… I hope you freeze to death you low life.