Keyed S14

By Amanda, Monday, February 22, 2010

Over the weekend, I stayed @ my Mom to take care of her & study for 2 midterms. Then, out of no where the neighbor comes over & asks if I knew that I had a huge stratch on my car. I went to my car & this is what I see. WTF? I am so pissed…Ray says that the stratch is caused by a “knife.” Now, I really don’t want to wash my car. So, to the asshole that scratched my car, karma will come around & I hope you get testicular cancer. **I am praying that I can get this deep stratch out. GRRRRRRR**




  1. Raciel says:

    ugh! i hate people like that! when we used to have the saturn, someone scratched the hood of the car. seriously?! someone actually reached over and bended over to scratch the hood?!

    hope you can buff it out or something 🙁

  2. Flor says:

    Oh looks awful.. I am so sorry, what an asshole
    Hopefully Ray can work his magic & fix it somehow…