Wings Stop Buffalo Wings

By Amanda, Saturday, March 6, 2010

Wings Stop buffalo wings are the best wings I have ever tried. If you don’t agree, refer me to a better place & prove me wrong. I got habanero & spicy while Ray got lemon parmesian & garlic butter?. Btw, don’t try the habanero if you can’t handle spicy. It was already spicy enough for me & u know I can totally handle spicy foods.

Too bad the lady there messed up our order. I think it’s a miscommunication problem on hers & Ray’s part. He picked up the buffalo wings on his way home from work, came home watched some tv, then we opened up the boxes of buffalo wings & she Ray noticed she gave us chicken strips NOT buffalo wings. WTF? So, we had to drive back to the Baldwin Park, CA Wingstop.. thank god I didn’t miss the new episode of Grey’s Anatomy, just wasted my time & gas! Lesson when ordering food always check you order. I am too Chinese, I always check my order, can’t rip off a poor person! LOL!

Can’t you tell which one is the boneless strips & which one is the buffalo wings in the pictures below?