My future

By Amanda, Saturday, March 6, 2010

I had a deep conversation w/my Bedea’s neighbor friend today. Kinda crazy B/C I felt like he totally read me & told me my future. I really hope everything he says is comes TRUE b/c that would be AWESOME! I could totally take care of my Mom, Bedea, the dogs, Ray & other family members. He says that I am going to be a businesswoman, I am leader, I am very mean, I can read people, I am blunt, I control Ray but Ray’s okay w/it, I hate school but I am going just to get a degree, I will have a lot of material possessions, a lot of girls hate me & that I have this particular vibe.

Wow, sounds kinda true. I just need the businesswoman, leadersip & success aspects.

One Comment

  1. Raciel says:

    You’re already a businesswoman — you sell stuff on eBay and manage (produce) your own products 🙂 So yeah, deffo get your degree and you’ll find the chance to be a leader ^_^