DRIFTING.com Interview

By Amanda, Thursday, April 15, 2010

During Formula Drift Long Beach last week, I had an amazing opportunity to interview drivers. Most of the drivers were really busy during the event however I did manage to get a few of the drivers. I got Rhys Millen, Sam Hubinette, Pat Mordaunt, Robbie Nishida, Rijui Miki, Taka Aono, Cyrus Martinez, Alex Pfieffer, Stephen Verdier & Daijiro Yoshihara. Next time I definitely have to get TannerFoust, JR Gitten, Chris Forsberg, Frederico Aabso, Ken Gushi & the rest of the drifters. I’d like to thank Alex @ Drifting.com, Ali, Blaze1, Crystal, all the drivers & the rest of the awesome people I met at the event.

Here’s a video of me interviewing Formula Drift driver Pat Mordaunt. As you can tell I am all nervous & jittery probably b/c Pat’s mom was watching us! Check out DRIFTING.com for more videos, buy some gear & post something on their message board.


  1. Flor says:

    Why so serious?? Aw you look all pro to me good job dork 🙂

  2. amanda says:

    Yeah right. Stop trying to make me feel better. LOL! Love you long time.