Seafood Town

By Amanda, Friday, April 23, 2010

Just had lunch with BBK @ Seafood Town. It’s Always nice catching up w/her & seeing the staff at Seafood Town… they are always so nice to me!

Btw, look at how cute BBK’s nails are. She just had them done light pink w/crystal bows & acrylic flowers. So pretty! Thanks for having lunch w/me & waiting for me cuz I always lag!


  1. Yoshie says:

    Thanks, Amanda…for the invitation. Love ya. <3

  2. amanda says:

    It was so last minute I wasn’t even sure we were going to go. Damn u for having work. Damn kat for telling me last minute. We have to hang out, I haven’t seen you in forevers. R u in hiding.. hehehe Love ya! 😛