Car Update

By Amanda, Thursday, July 1, 2010

I can’t believe it’s JULY already! Time for car updates.

I know most of my blogs are about the dogs, food, tokidoki, hello kitty & other random stuff when it should be about my CARS. Well, it’s because I have been frugal with spending money on cars parts rather using the money towards paying my credit cards & my CSULB fall 2010 tuition. Don’t get me wrong, Ray & I have been spending money on car parts BUT we’ve temporarily stopped drifting. Perhaps when my census job starts again in a week & I get another job in customer service that pays decent than we can go DRIFTING. (Because I miss drifting)

Anyways, let’s talk about car updates. The white S13 hatch needs a major alignment since I bent the driver side tie rod at the 626 Ladies Drift Aesthetics event. Ray replaced both tie rods with DMax tie rods. He also happened to accidentally strip my driver side front wheel studs rushing to take off the Rota wheels to sell. So, I only have 2 functional lug nuts on the driver’s side. No bueno! Other than that the car just needs an extra set of drift wheels & some tires. Also, I am collecting parts to get AC installed into the hatch. Now, I just need the custom made lines, anyone want to make me lines? Thanks Thai & Michael!!!

The black S14 was going to get a 5 speed swap BUT the deal didn’t fall through. We’re not going to rush into getting the swap right now since the car is still driving fine. However, it’s good that we gather all the parts in case the car’s tranny decides to go. All we need is a functional S14 tranny & 5 speed ECU so if anyone knows anybody selling please let me know. The S14 also needs to get new tranny & motor mounts installed. (We have a full set of Nismo motor mounts bought about 2 years ago) Here’s just a small glimpse of what we have, obviously not all of the parts.. I was lazy to take pictures. Thanks Joey!