Virgin at Apple Valley Speedway

By Amanda, Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Apple Valley Speedway has been on my bucketlist for awhile now. I decided to say f it and just go. I am so rusty, need to managee more, feather the gas, go faster and stop being a 😸. With more seat time I will improve my drifting skills. I can’t wait to get back in the track again and connect an entire course.

In order to get to AVS, I had to endure this terrible rocky dirt road for nearly 3 miles. Yike!!

My tucked wiring harness got untucked. I think the old zip ties gave out. Luckily, I pitted next to Joe a.k.a. Drift Dreams and Randy a k.a. DriiiftKing on IG who were both knowledgeable with cars. Joe helped me tape up my wiring harness. Randy helped me swap out my tires.

After he taped up my wiring harness, retucked it in place my car wouldn’t start. Joe says maybe it’s the ignition fuse. Bingo, he was right. The ignition fuse is the same as the other two green fuses. We just repurposed another one from my car. I had to drive home without AC. I’d rather have no AC then no running car.

Here’s a pic of me and Joe, the MVP. My hero! Thank you Joe, chilvarily is not dead.

Partial view of the track.

My car survived!

Me working on my OnlyFans poses. How do models make it look so easy and seamless with the poses. I am a dork with my epic fail poses.