My white S13 Hatch is ALIVE!

By Amanda, Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love my white S13 hatch drift car a.k.a. Michelle or PrettyS13. So, it saddens me that she has been sitting in the driveway for the last 2 months collecting dirt and rain. Plus, I’ve been wanting to drive her around. Finally, I was able to change the flat tire on Michelle. Thanks RayBabes for buying and mounting the NEW Dunlop tire! And, I changed the tire myself. *Patting my lazy self on the back*

So, I took Michelle on a joy ride to warm up the rusted rotors & brake pads. From RPV to LA just to go to the Sanrio store then I took the PV mountain road home. 🙂

Next, I need to get the tire rods end changed since my Dmax tie rod ends I didn’t even drift on or drive for more than 500 miles decided to lock up frozen. And, get an alignment, motor oil change, differential oil change and maybe a tune up? I think the last time I got a differential oil change was 3 years ago… when Jason and Ray installed my Tomei LSD. Haha Oh, and swap over the matte white Gram Lights 57D’s that were bought for this car BUT I am running it on my daily black S14. Holy, that’s a lot of work and musical wheels. I am so lazy.


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  1. Raciel says:

    I still need to go to “Amanda Photography School”! Your piccies are great as usual. <3 Cookie peeking out the window!